Vithal Mandir, Pandharpur

Situated in Choupala at Pandharpur in Maharashtra, Pandharpur temple (Vitthal Temple) is amongst the most revered temples of Maharashtra. It is on the bank of river Chandrabhaga. The Pandharpur city as well as this temple are regarded as the most popular and most visited piligrimage sites of Maharashtra. It is a must visit place for devotees of Panduranga. The temple is decently maintained for the crowd while most of the visitors are not aware of the online queue system that is organized by the temple administration which provides quick & smooth darshan. Lord Vithoba, Vithal , Pandurang is also called as Vithumauli by his devotees. There are various songs of vithal ,one of them in marathi is विठूमाऊली तू माऊलीं जगाची … Lord Vithal is not only known in Maharashtra but other states of India like Karnataka, AndhraPradesh, Tamilnadu, Uttarpradesh , Madhyapradesh etc.

Generally God and Goddesses are stand nearby. But here Mata Rukmini wife of Vithal is away from him. Devotees in the Q of darshan first take darshan of Rakhumai (Rukmini) and then Vithal. The other small temples associated with Panduranga are also good and peaceful. According to the legends, the temple celebrates devotion to parents, and why not? Krishna in his childhood restored the lost kingdom of his father, and entertained his mother with frivolous antics. Krishna is pleased with devotion to parents, and showers blessings through Lord Vitthal. Also this temple which was developed by Hoysala King Vishnuwardhan has a lot of mythological history attached with it which makes it a highly revered place of worship.

Vithal Rukmini Mandir open at 4.00 am. and closes at 12 am. at night. In the festivals time may changed timing.  At 4.00 am Kakad Aarati, Puja then at 10.45 am. Mahanaivedya, till 5.00 pm. Change of clothes of VithalRukmini, at 6.45 pm. Dhuparati ,  at 12.00 am. Shejarati

Mandir is full with devotees (Varkari) in Ashadhi Ekadashi and Kartiki Ekadashi. These two are vary famous. Purushottam Mass starts with Ashadhi which is also called Devshayani Ekadashi, means Lord Vithal  ie. Vishnu sleeps from this day till Kartiki Ekadashi, on this day he wake up. But along with these two Ekadashies Chaitri and  Maghi Ekadashi are also celebrated. As every Indian know that before Ashadhi ekadashi Pandharpur is full of crowd , Darshan of Vithal is not possible to eveyone only luckiest persons can get direct darshan rest take only darshan of Kalas ( कळस ). Yatra starts before 10 days. As per belief Lord Vithoba gives his devotees Bhog( enjoyment) and Moksh (Freedom from rebirth cycle).

How to reach here:

By  Railway we can reach Pandharpur Road railway station, from here by hired deep or taxi are available. Trains starts from CST. Mumbai, Pune, Solapur. From mumbai 8-9 hrs require to reach Pandharpur.

By road Solapur is well connected with Pandharpur by St buses. At vari time direct Solapur- Padharpur ST service is well. Having hired or own car is best option. By road distance is 400 km. time require is 10-12 hrs. Solapur is nearer city to Padharpur.

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