GanapatiPule Temple

At Ratnagiri in the small Ganpatipule village is a hindu temple by the same name and is amongst the 8 Ashtavinayaks of Maharashtra. The temple is believed to be 400 and more years old with no precise traces of its development. It is coastal place in Kokan region; Sahyadri mountains are one side and Arabian Sea on other side of the temple.  This temple of Lord Ganesha is located on beach & often there is a long serpentine queue and it may take 1 to 2 hours to enter the temple. The Pradakshina is a ragged stone based path around the hill of approx 1 km. The lord’s idol is visible even after you sit down in the hall and even if you get two minutes of glance, it is said that it heals you & gives you a lot of peace. The Ganesh idol is facing towards the west direction on western coast, so this Ganesh is also called as Pashchim Dwarpal. This temple is located straight on the beach and it glows beautifully during the morning and evening time.

During Ganeshotsav , people in Ganapatipule and surrounding villages collectively celebrates festival instead of celebrating individually. They gathered and worshiped Ganesha in this temple. Moreover the temple is well maintained and very clean as well (Despite being crowded). Ganpatiphule is a must visit place for this temple and its beach as well!

How to reach here:

It is 25 km. from North Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri is nearest railway station. But bus or car is good option. Dadar- Ganapatipule ST service along with private buses is available. As a coastal beach, it is tourist destination. There are Hotels alongwith Homestays. Various local persons make arrangement of devotees/tourist to stay and eat. Ganpatiphule is a must visit place for this temple and its beach as well!


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