Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar temple of Lord Shiva ,  is a famous temple in Nashik.  It is one of the jyotirlinga, out of Twelve jyotirlinga in India. It not only honors Lord Shiva but also the other two gods in the Holy Trinity (Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma). Also for a fact, this temple comes into the top 10 temples when it comes to highest number of visitors a year. The temple is located in Nashik in a small beautiful town of Trambak. In fact the origin of the highly sacred Godavari river is also near Trambakeshwar temple.

The Trambakeshwar lingas are always in water and due to water has started to erode. This indicates erosion of human nature.

Trambakeshwar has extreme weather condition, it is scorching in summer and freezing in winter. Pilgrimes generally prefered to come in Oct. to March, when weather is moderately cold. It becomes greeeny in monsoon and creates pretty picture everywhere.

Here generally people came to do Shraddha (Ritual made for freedom of died persons). There is belief that doing such Kriyakarma at Trambakeshwar , soul becomes free from place where the soul is stucked, gives blessings to his relatives for doing shraddha.

The current temple was developed by the mighty Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao and the Kusavarta which is a sacred pond in the premises of the temple is considered to be the source of the Godavari river which is the largest river in  India. This temple should definitely be in your must visit places.

Attractions :

There is Dugarwadi waterfall 8 km. away from Trambakeshwar near Sapgaon.

Nashik is famous for grape fruits. Here fresh dried grapes are available at ample source also pearls, sea shells and its artisans .

How to reach here:

We have to reach by road or by train to Nashik Road railway station. From Mumbai we require 3 to 4 hr.s to reach Nashik. From here ST buses are avilable for Trambakeshwar. Or by our car, hired cars or buses we can go here. It is 36 km. from Nashik. There are taxis for Nashik from Dadar, Mumbai daily.

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