Titwala Temple

Titwala Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati Temple is located  at Titwala, in Thane District near Mumbai in Maharashtra. It’s a famous temple and highly worshipped by the locals and it is said that this temple was amongst the five temples where Lord Ganesh has come atleast once to give his blessings in the shrine.

It is belief that if separated couple came here for darshan and pray devotionally, they get united. And also girls and boys wanted to get married they also get success in their marriage. There is legendary story that Titwala is a part of Dandakaranya(Jungle), where Kanvamuni (Sage Kanva) had his hermitage. He adopted Shakuntala , daughter of Sage Vishvamitra and celestial damsel (Apsara) Menaka. Gandhar Kingdom’s King Dushyant was passing through Dandakaranya while on battle campaign, fall in love with Shakuntala. But after end of battle, unrest in Gandhar Kingdom, Dushyant leave harmitage. And gave Shankuntala a ring , sign of their love; and told her they will meet soon. One day sage Durvasmuni came in their hermitage, for Bhiksha. But as Shakuntala was thinking for Dushyant, can’t even notice Durvasmuni. So, he became angry , cursed Shankuntala that Dushyant will not remember and forgive you. But, later Durvasmuni toned down his curse, and said when Dushyant will see sign of his given token, then only he will remember you. Kanvamuni realised gravity of issue, told Shankuntala to build the shrine in favour of lord Ganesh as SiddhiVinayak. And assured due to her sincere prayer, Siddhivinayak will give her husband back. This eventually came true.

The temple was built between 1745 to 1772 under the rule of Peshwa Madhavrao I, who was considered to be a very noble ruler working for the well being of his kingdom. And kept old Ganesh idol, which was buried in silt.

The opening time of Temple is 6.00 am.,the temple is often crowded and the Aarti(puja) is on 7.00 a.m. done daily amidst large bells and whistles is worth attending if you are in Thane or in or around this temple.

How to go here:

By road having car or bus is one source. And from Dadar to Titawala local train is there. From Titawala Railway station rikshaws are available for this temple.


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