Kaas Plateau – Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers

It is popularly called as the Maharashtra’s valley of flowers, Kaas Plateau is popular for its amazing variety of flaura and fauna which may stun you with its beauty. As a result a lot of shootings are also done at this place for romantic songs or romantic backgrounds. This beautiful pleateau transforms into a magnificent Emerald colored beauty in the monsoons as a result a must visit for couples!
Nature has endowed Maharashtra with a land full of Mountains, Valleys, Lakes and Forests. One such wonder of nature is the Sahyadris which turn into a magnificent Emerald colored beauty in the monsoons. Clouds descending down the mountain peaks playing peekaboo with the colours of rainbow from the hill tops, the rains lend a serene yet joyous atmosphere to the plateau of kaas. A blanket of brightly colored wild flowers covers this plateau in the months of August & September.

The rainy season , i.e. during the  August and September, there is feeling of the heaven when wild colorful flowers covers the entire plateau. As a result every year during this period the Trekkers, Botanists, Tourists and even Photographers come in large numbers to see the magic of flowers.

Things to do :

Near Kaas Pathar there is  Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall,  one of the highest waterfalls. The Bhambavli village  is near Vajrai Waterfall  , which is close to the Kaas Plateau.

The Kaas Plateau is 3 km away from Bhambavli Flower Plateau. Bhambavli Flower Plateau, largest flower platea of the world. At south of the Kaas Plateau there is Kaas Lake and is surrounded by dense forests. This spot is between Sajjangad Fort and the Kanher Dam.  It is  a popular spot for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

The Koyna Project,  is located about 30 km at south of Kaas Lake, is a major hydroelectric power project in Maharashtra. The Koyna Project, involves the construction of several dams and powerhouses along the Koyna River.

How to reach here :

From Satara Bus stand there is bus which reach Kaas Pathar within half hour. Road way is best option to reach here.

Distance from Mumbai to Kaas Pathar is 279 km. may require 5-6 hours to reach via Pune – Satara by own or hired car.

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