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Kailasa Temple is regarded as one of the largest rock-cut temples in Maharashtra and is also one of the most beautiful temples you can witness. The temple dates back to 8th century and was made by Rashrakoota ruler King Krishna I. It’s one of the 32caves at Ellora which are collectively called Ellora caves ranging for over 1.2 k.m. along the sloping Basalt stone which is outcome of Molten Basalt Lava at the site.
This Kailasanatha temple at Ellora is the largest monolithic rock-cut monument in the world. At 32 metres high and 78 metres long, it is widely considered remarkable for its size, architecture and sculptural treatment  and don’t forget to cover this place if you are in Aurangabad!

This place is highly visited by the tourists and the locals because of its historical significance and architecture. The architecture of the temples shows traces of Pallava & Chalukya styles. The front view, the shikhara and the ramayan panel are some of the notable attractions of the temple. It is also notable for Verticle excavation. Carvers started carving Basalt rock from its top and excavated downward.

In 1682, Aurangzeb tried to destroy this Shive Mandir as thousands of Hindu Temples, which already destroyed by him. Aurangzeb was tried to destroy this temple with help of 1000 people, for 3 years, but luckly can’t detroyed it fully.

How to reach here :

Ellora Caves are 27 k.m. from Aurangabad Central Bus Stand. There is state Bus service at Ellora Caves from Auranabad. or by own / hired cars are another option to go.

It is 28 k.m. from Aurangabad Railway Station. Some trains which stops here are Sachkhand Express 12716, Tapovan Express 17617, Ajanta express 17063.  But from here also have to take MSRTC volvo bus or cab to reach Caves.

From Mumbai to Aurangabad there are trains and buses regularaly.

What to do here:

Some people can take 4-5 hours to see these Ajanta and Ellora caves. There are some private hotels and MTDC restaurant. There is also Daulatabad Fort near Ellora caves. One can see Ellora Caves and Daulabad Fort within one day only. Now days, there are good Hotels for visitors. The guides are  available here to give information. Being a Muslim area, for food lovers there is famous Nawabi Biryani.


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