Phansad Birid Scanctuary- Kashid ,wildlife scantuaries in maharashtra

The Phansad Wildlife sanctuary is located in Murud and Roha talukas of Raigad District. It is located with the coastal stretch of Arabian sea. Earlier it was hunting reserve of Janjira state, prior to 1948 this was game sanctury. It has uniqueness of vegetation normally associated with high altitude and inland areas, it ranks high among biodiversity hotspots of the Western Ghats ecosystem.
Situated in the Murud and Roha taluka of Raigad District, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries of Maharashtra. Spread across 53sq.kms and just 12kms from Kashid Beach it’s a must visit if you are in and around that area.
The sanctuary used to be once the hunting ground of Siddhi Nawab of the Janjira state and holds a great historical significance too. The Nawab took initiatives to construct roads, build lakes and water bodies within this sanctuary. A large variety of species in animals, reptiles, insects and birds(around 148species) are often found at this place. Asian paradise flycatcher, Iora, plum headed parakeet and the yellow footed green pigeon. Sambar, barking deer, panther and wild boar are some of the attractions at Phalsad which drags the nature lover to visit this place atleast once!
The forest is known for the presence of Leopard. As well as u will find wide variety of flowers, butterfly, Heyena, Jungle cat, Palm civet, Sambhar, Barking deer, Bonnet Macaque, Wild boar , giant squirrel, 164 types of birds (including the interesting Pied hornbill, Three toed Kingfisher, Malkoha, Pitta), 90 species of butterflies (including Common Map, Black Prince, Nawab, Blue Mormon), 27 species of poisonous and non poisonous snakes, 718 types of trees !Phansad is a paradise for bird watchers and lepidopterist!

Bookings for the guest house contact , Bookings for the tent or the bamboo house :-
Deputy Conservator of Forests, (Wildlife),
Thane Wildlife Division, L.B.S.Marg, Naupada,
Thane (West), Maharashtra India 400 602.
Enjoy Local Food :
There is a “Mahila Bachat Gat” named as “Gavdevi Mahila Bachat Gat” which can provide pure Gavran food to u during ur stay.

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