The deep misty valley of Chikhaldara is located in Amaravati district of Vidarbha region. The only hill station in the Vidarbha region offers you an abundance of wildlife, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls. Chikhaldara has many things to be explored. Bheem, one of the Pandav killed villainous Keechak and threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as “Keechakadara” – “Chikhaldara” is its corruption.
Chikhaldara is full of deep greenery , velvet mist and majestic trees. Chikhaldara is the only coffee-growing centre in Maharashtra. Chikhaldara is a very popular summer retreat because of abundant natural scenery, wildlife, waterfalls and a placid lake, the beauty of Chikhaldara is overwhelming.

Temperature of Chikhaldara in Dec. and Jan. is below 10 degree., we need necessary warm clothing. March to mid June day is warm but evening is cool. July to Sept is Monsoon Time. Carrying rain coates and warm clothing for evening is recommended.

Places to watch at Chikhaldara :

The Melghat Tiger Project, Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, Devi Point, Gavilgad and Narnala Fort, the Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, the Tribal Museum and the Semadoh Lake.

There are 82 tigers and also other animals like houses, panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild bear, and wild dogs in Melghat Tiger Project. From Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, and Devi Point we can observe beautifull misty mountains with rich variety of flora. Gavilgad and Narnala Fort are also memorable.

The top of Chikhaldara, there is government garden known as Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens. The visiting timing is 8.00am to 7.00pm. It is full of various flowers and plants. There is swimming tank also. Some part of it is saved for rose tree. One of the attractive point is The mini train.

On the way to Gavilgad fort there is Shakkar Lake, is used for water supply by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. There is boating facility, the tourist can enjoy here the Speed Boat, Pidal Boat, Scooter Boat.

There is M.T.D.C. Resort near Pandhari village. Beside this resort there is way of Goraghat point.

There is a Monkey Point at Maharashtra Forest Rainger’s College area which is on the road of ‘Vairat’. There is deep valley from this which ,the base of this valley is not seen in our naked eye. There is no railing on this point. Be carefull to go with children at this point.

The Devi Point is nearer to Shakkar Lake ,using steps there is a temple of Goddess inside the huge stone. There is water falling continuously from that stone inside the temple. The overflow water falling from shakkar lake is looking like a waterfall.

There is a ‘Deepshikha Military School’ in Pandhari Village . There is a two way in this school one is for Prospects points and one is for Thakur points. On the Thakur point there is a large view of Semadhoh deep forest.

At Mozari point there is a permanant Heli-Pad. The way is going towards mozari village for this points so is called as Mozari points. From this point at east side can see Hotel Resort Mayura and west side of Gawilgarh fort. We can also see Devi Point area

Near government gardan Hariken Point is situated which is at southern region of the upper platau of chikhaldara. From here can see the Gawilgarh fort, Mozari village, Vairat hills.

There is Mahadev temple at 6km. from the KalaPani Lake. The way is from Mozari village. Going towards upperplatau ; onwords it there is a kalapani lake, and there is a small temple of Lord Rama.
This road is directly goes through the Shivsagar point. From Shivsagar point we can see many layers of Satpuda parwat. The sunset is also very beautiful to seen from this point.

Panchbol Point is famous and important, from which we can see magic of nature. There is a tar road of 4 km. from the bir Lake towards this point. There is coffee plantation on the way. The five hills edges are connected naturally which is also connected all valley and finally its becomes a comman huge and deep valley. From here reflected sounds can heard five time’s when shouted louded. Duo to 5 times voice, is known as Five Eco Point or commonly called Panchbol Point.

From Chikhaldara on 10 km. there is a village, Vairat . There is natural pool between Chikhaldara and Vairat is very beautiful to see. There is a ancient devi-temple called Vairat Mandir, is very critical to reach. The temple is situated in west to Vairat hills. The Sunset-Point is situated on the Vairat hills. Vairat was King’s capital in the Mahabharata era.

How to reach Chikhaldara:

Badnera and Akola, are nearest railway station to reach Chikhaldara, at distance of 80 km. From Akola we can get hired car. Air way is not suitable to go Chikhaldara, but nearer is Akola Airport.

By road if we are going from Mumbai Nashik – Malegaon – Dhule we can go. From Dhule – Mhasva – Burhanpur and reach Chikhaldara. Approximate 12-13 hours journey is required from Mumbai.

From Pune by road Ahmednagar – Shani Shingnapur – Gangapur and reach Aurangabad. From Aurangabad – Chikhli – Khamgaon – Shegaon – Akot – Anjangaon- Paratwada. and reach Chikhaldara .

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