Lonavala is a scenic hill station surrounded by green valleys in western India near Mumbai. The Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves are ancient Buddhist shrines carved out of the rock. They feature massive pillars and intricate relief sculptures. South of the Bhaja Caves sits the imposing Lohagad Fort, with its 4 gates. West of here is Bhushi Dam, where water overflows onto a set of steps during rainy season.
Lonavala has officially replaced Mahabaleshwar as the party destination for college going kids as it is as beautiful as Mahabaleshwar and has the same amenities and facilities while it’s hour or two less to reach from Mumbai or any place as compared to Mahabaleshwar. What’s more you can rent a great poolside bungalow for a few days in lonavala with your friends and have the time of your life! Not to forget their famous chikkis and chocolate fudge!
Things to do- Eat their ever resisting chocolate fudge and nut chikkies in almost thousands of stores lined up, also not to forget to bring some fudge and chikkis for your family and friends too! Apart from that- bushy dam, tiger point (where you can have hukah and variety of pakodas at the top of the world with a natural view of the landscape) , Ryewood park, karla caves, Sunil’s celebrity wax musuem, Lohagad amongst others.

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