Walkeshwar Temple Mumbai- Banganga Temple Mumbai

Also popularly called as the Baan Ganga Temple, Walkeshwar temple is located in the manhattan of Mumbai at Malabar Hills in South Mumbai which also lies on the highest point of the city. The temple is a made in the dedication of Lord Shiva and is a popular tourist destination among the mumbaikars and travelers alike.
The legend had it that, Lord Rama stopped at this place while on his way to Ayodhya to Lanka in pursuit to defeat Ravana. Then Lord Rama was suggested to worship Shiva lingam and it is said that it was he who constructed the original linga of sand, after getting bored of waiting for his brother Lakshman to bring an idol. The name is hence mythologically derived from the Sanskrit word for an idol made of sand -Valuka Iswar-, who is the avatar of Shiva. Hence came the name Walkeshwar which is adorning the hills of Mumbai since centuries.  Another story  is, when Lord Rama was thirsty, he couldn’t got drinking water, that is why he shot an arrow and ganga (water) appears.  In Sanskrit the arrow means Ban and (Ganga) means water came together known as Banganga kshetra.

Today there is Banganga Talav, in 1127, this fresh water tank was builded by Lakshman Prabhu, minister of Shilahara Dynasty. Again in 16th century Banganga Talav was rebuilted by businessman Rama Kamat, GSB by caste; then the main temple has been substantially reconstructed and many smaller  temples have come up around the Talav. From 1860, all these together started attracting peoples to visit this place. Today, there are more than 15 temples and Dharmashalas around Banganga Talav. This complex belongs to Gaud Saraswat Brahman Trust. One of the famous is Shantadurga Temple,Branch of Shri Kavale Math, Goa.  Walkeshwar Temple has inscriptions 8 Sanskrit verses .

Today An annual Hindustani Classical Festivals took place at Banganga Talav complex. There are branches of Kavale Math and Kashi Math also. Walkeshwar and Malbar hill area is cream area of Mumbai.  Whether divotees of God or Mumbai city ,everyone must visit this place atleast once.


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