Vani – Saptashrungi Mata Mandir -Nashik

Also popularly called as Saptashrungi  Devi temple, Vani temple is a site situated on the seven hills , therefore known as Saptashrungi Mata. It is just 60kms from Nashik in Nanduri Kalwan village. The temple is a site for piligrimage for Hindus and is often crowded throughout the year with its faithful devotees.
Located on the photogenic foots of the hills the goddess Saptashrungi Nivasini dwells and resides within the seven mountain peaks and it is believed that the goddess often comes to the temple to bless the devotees. Apart from that the temple is also amongst the 51 shakti peethas situated on the Indian Subcontinent where it is believed one of Sati’s (first wife of Lord Shiva) limbs, her right arm is said to have fallen.its half shaktipeeth among three and half shaktipeeths of Maharashtra. In Devi Puran it is said that , there are Sadetin means three and half Shaktipiths. Wanichi devi is one of them. Others are Kolhapurchi Ambabai ,Tulajapurchi Tulajabhawani, Mahurchi Renukamata.

How to reach here:

From Mumbai by train we can reach Nashik, and from here by road either by local buses or auto we have to reach here. Hired car is good option. There is big parking area. At first everyone had to climb the steps of Saptashrungi Mata Temples. But now days there is chargable ropeway service, Small trainlike vehicle is available, so we can easily reach at feet of Devi. There is good facility of lunch and other shops which offers Ooti and Prasad for Devi as like other Devasthans.


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