Sarasbaug Ganpati

Sarasbaug temple is situated in Pune, Maharashtra and is one of the most popular siddhivinayaka temples of Maharashtra. Siddhivinayaka– The lord who makes all the wishes true. On an average, there are 30 to 35,000 monthly visitors while on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and other important events, the number reaches 8 to 10 thousand worshippers a day. It is a major landmark of Pune city. It is also known as Talyatala Ganapati, as when it was builded , there was a small lake; but now which is dried. It is 25 acres complex known as Saras Bag.The temple is quite prominent and is often visited by important politicians, actors as well as the President of India and Lata Mangeshkar have made it a point to visit this mandir.

The temple was built by the king Madhavrao Peshwa in 1784 and he installed the idol- The Gajanan whom he worshipped a lot. This place is not only mythologically very prominent but the peaceful ambience and environment also makes it a popular place for pune locals to have leisurely walks and sit in and around the temple. It also has historical importance, as the place was used for military strategy discussions by the Marathas against the Nizam and the British Empire during the 18th and 19th centuries. Its strategic location away from the Parvati Temple made it a suitable place for these discussions. Because earlier the temple was situated near a lake and a small temple at the center. It was known as “Talyatla Ganapati,” which means “Ganesh temple in the lake.” The Peshave(Maratha ruler) with his commander and advisor use this place for secret discussions and plans; Need use of boats to reach here, the boats were steered by non-natives like Africans who did not understand the local Marathi language.

After Peshave, in 1842, it is renovated with the help of the East India Company of the British Empire. Then in 1969 under the direction of Mahadev Kumthekar and Anandrao Mane. In addition of this , a zoo called Peshwe Park was added to the 25-acre area surrounding the temple. But in 2005, all the animals at Peshwe Park Zoo were moved to the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park located in the south of Pune. In 1995, a small museum displaying over a few hundred idols of Lord Ganesha was added to the temple premises. This temple and its surrounding garden are considered one of the primary landmarks of Pune due to its historical significance and cultural importance.

How to reach here:

First we have reach Pune. From Pune Railway station or Bus stand we can take auto to reach here.


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