Pench National Park

Located at Satpura Hills and named after the Pench river in Maharashtra, Pench National Park is amongst the top 10 popular national parks of India. It’s a large national park spread across 292.85 sq.kms or core area and is situated at above 580-675mtrs above the sea level. The park is adorned amidst dense forests and picturesque hills boasting a large variety of wildlife and migratory birds.

Park History
Pench National Park was stated as a sanctuary in 1977, but in 1983, it elicited to the status of National Park. Later in the year 1992, it was recognized as PenchTiger Reserve, which covers 758 sq. km of area and the Pench National Park form the centre zone of the Reserve that covers 292.85 sq. km, and the Mowgli Pench Wildlife Sanctuary covers 118.30 sq. km of areas. A Buffer Zone formed by Reserve Forests, Revenue land and Protected Forests occupies 346.73 sq. km.

Wildlife in Park

A typical Central Indian teak jungle, Pench supports a rich variety of wildlife, including the tiger, leopard, wild dog, gaur, sambar, chital and brilliant birdlife. There are more than 170 species of birds comprising various migratory ones like peafowl, crow pheasant, junglefowl, red-vented bulbul, crimson-breasted barbet, magpie robin, lesser whistling teal, racket-tailed drongo, egret, pintail, shoveler, herons to name a few.
As per the study in the year 1, 25 tigers were found under the umbrella of the park along with 39 mammals, 13 reptiles, and 3 amphibians. The Park’s open habitat not only lends well to wildlife viewing, but it also offers striking views of the area’s sheer beauty.

The sanctuary boasts of 1200 different species of plants while animals like cheetah, leopards, sambar and tigers also reside inside this park. Also for a fact, Pench tiger reserve has the highest density of herbivores in India. Apart from Monsoon, all the months are favorable to visit Pench National Park.This national park received international recognition from Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale, the Jungle Book.

Safari Timings
The Safari timing in Pench National Park is almost similar like other parks of the country. The entry and exit of the park vary as per the season. The best time to visit Pench National Park is between February and April. The National Park remains open for visitors from 16th October to the end of June and closed during the rainy season (July-October) every year.

Winter Safari Timings

Morning Safari: 07:30 hrs
Evening Safari: 15:00 hrs
Morning Safari: 10:30 hrs
Evening Safari: 17:30 hrs
Summer Safari Timings
Morning Safari: 06:30 hrs
Evening Safari: 16:00 hrs
Morning Safari: 09:30 hrs
Evening Safari: 18:30 hrs

How to Reach
By Air- Nagpur Airport (88 Km) is the nearest one to reach the park. Other option is Jabalpur Airport, which is 200 km away from the park.
By Rail- The nearest railway station is Nagpur (90 km), well connected to all the cities of India.
By Road- Nagpur is 88 km away from Pench through Seoni (NH No. 7).

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