Nature Mystic: Magical Light Show! Tourist destination: Finland- Santa House (Arctic circle)

We had golden chance to view the magical light show of the creator when we were in Finland. People always used to say Finland is the official ” HOUSE OF SANTA”. It is also one of the world’s best place to view the magical AURORA BOREALIS (Northern Lights).
Initially,I was not sure what these Northern lights are! I had heard people saying there is magical light show in the earth’s atmosphere. I was very curious about it and so searched online. The pictures of it were breath taking and I was amazed to see the beautiful creation. This phenomenon mainly occurs when highly charged electrons which are released from the sun ( or solar winds) interact with elements in the earths atmosphere.

As these electrons reach the earths magnetic field they blast and encounter atoms of oxygen and nitrogen above the earths surface,all these magnetic and electronic forces react with one another constantly in shifting combinations. This results in dance (AURORA) of the green red blue and purple lights. The best time to view this is between end of the year December 20th through January 30th.

Also, external conditions such as clear sky, cold nights with lower temperature results in higher propbability for witnessing the Northern lights. Lapland, which is just 10km south of ARCTIC CIRCLE, is the best place for viewing Northern lights. We managed to plan short weekend trip in mid of March,when the temperature was favorable for viewing(less cold conditions).
There is a VR express train which which takes approximately 12 hours from Helsinki,capital of Finland to Rovaneimi (Lapland). The city centre (downt town) is nearby just 15 minutes walk from station or you could take a local bus service every 10 min.There are many things to do in Rovaneimi such as visiting museums(reflection of the Finnish culture and Finnish architect), Santa claus village, zoo , and various fun activities like husky safaris,snowmobile safaris,snow skiing,snow shoeing,ice fishing,snow karting and so on We planned to visit Santa clause village the same day after getting little fresh,we took city bus which took us to the Santa claus village the bus service is available in every 30 min interval from the centre. We were under the impression that Santa claus village would be more of a kids attraction,as the name suggests; however to our surprise it had something in store for everyone The arctic circle cuts right through the village. The bus left us at the main gate near huge shopping area with all special Christmas items,souvenirs and restaurants, and so on. There was a huge post office officially known as Santa Claus post office. We could send christmas greetings to our near and dear ones. As we walked along there was huge conical building ” SANTA IS HERE” We met Santa and felt Christmas spirits every where. There was igloo shaped hotel where restaurant and bar were made of ice.

We had booked the northern lights tour for the same day. The tour was approximately three hours long. The journey started on snow mobil passing through the frozen river KEMIJOKI, and rustic woods. The travel time to the northern lights view point was ninety minutes each sided. The tour guide provided us with traditional coffee, berry juice and other food items. It was really cold! We had layered ourselves and finally when we were at a point where it was clear sky and were able to see the beautiful God’s creation- Northern lights, all the painstaking paid off. It felt like we were in Santa’s dream land . This trip is very memorable for us and would surely recommend to all viewers to plan their trip to Santa’s fantasy land !
It was indeed a pleasure to get the life long memorable treasure!

-By Shweta Jethvani


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