Nagzira wildlife sanctuary

Nazgira National Park is strategically located between Gondia & Bhandardara district and is quite popular amongst locals and tourists. Nazgira is spread across 152.41sq.kms a primary corridor that links southern and central forested areas like the Kanha Tiger Reserves & Tadoba Andhri.

The name was derived from the roaming elephants which you will often spot at this national park. In Sanskrit NAAG means elephant and hence it was named Nagzira national park. Another fact to reckon with is it houses 34 Types of Mammals,166 Types of Birds, 36 Types of Reptiles, 48 Types of Butterfies amongst others which makes it a must visit.Along with tiger it shelters major species like Dholes (Wild dogs), Indian Gaur, Leopards and sloth bears to name a few. 
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