Koppeshwara Temple In Khidrapur

The temple is situated at Khidrapur in Maharashtra and is quite nearby to Kolhapur. This temple is famous for its multi-dimensional stunning architecture. In fact such is the intricate architecture that it will leave you spell bound with its work. It is believed that temple is as old as 1000 years and some of the biggest saints have resided here over the last 10 centuries. The temple is built and sits talls on the banks of river Krishna and another interesting fact about the temple is it is amongst the very rare temples in India where both Shiva and Vishnu are worshipped together. Another thing which will leave you spellbound is 95 carved elephants along with 108 pillars and hundreds of sculptures, which take inspiration from Mahabharata, Ramayana, the 12 astrological signs, flowers, trees, birds, human figures amongst others.

The legendary story is associated with the temple, that is Daksha, father Sati ,who married with Lord Shiva. When Sati visited her father’s house without an invitation for Yagna, got insulted by Daksha. She can’t  bear insult of her and Shiva and immolated herself in the Yagna’s fire; infuriated Shiva punished Daksha by severing his head. Later, Vishnu pacified Shiva, requested Shiva to  restore Daksha’s head with a goat’s head. To calm down Shiva, Vishnu brought him to the present location of the Kopeshwar Temple, hence its name (Kopeshwar means “wrathful god”).

Mandir has four parts, one is known as Swargamandap has open top we can see direct sky from there. This makes it different from all mandirs. Notably, this is the only Shiva temple in India that also has an idol of Vishnu. Another are Sabhamandapa (hall), Antaral kaksha (vestibule), and Garbha gruha (sanctum). The exterior of the temple features stunning carvings of deities and secular figures, while elephant statues sustain the weight of the temple at the base.  In the Mandir , there are idols of Vishnu i.e. Dhopeshwar and Shivaling facing north.

The Swarga Mandap  is open to the sky with a circular opening, giving visitors a feeling of the heaven. It is beautifully carved idols of Lord Ganesh, Karthikeya Swami, Lord Kubera, Lord Yamraj, and Lord Indra, along with their carrier animals like peacocks, mice, and elephants. Inside the Swarga Mandap, one can see idols of Lord Brahma, Shiva Kopeshwar shivling (in the Garbh Gruha), and a beautifully carved idol of Vishnu, representing the Tridev (Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu). On the outer wall near the South entrance of the temple, there are also several inscriptions, in Kannada and in Sanskrit by Singhan-II.

It is loved by divotees of God and students of Architecture. There are other places to see near to Kolhapur but this temple is the only attraction of Khidrapur.

How to reach here :

Nearer railway station for Khidrapur is Kolhapur. Distance from here is 58 km. There are various vehicle to Khidrapur from Kolhapur. One is hired taxi which is better option. From Mumbai we can go to Kolhapur by train and by luxury bus or by own car. There is daily trains for Kolhapur from Mumbai.

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