Kopineshwar, Thane

Kopineshwar temple is one of the most oldest and famous temple of Thane. It is exactly located in the narrow station road of Thane station & is regarded as the most sacred and revered temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Since 1760 or may be before this temple is here. From 1760 to till many times it is renovated so today also it is in good condition. It is situated on the bank of Masunda Talav (Talav Pali). The locals and even worshippers from around the Mumbai come here daily to take the blessings of the powerful Lord Shiva. Temple has 3 entrances, one is opposit Masunda Talav and other 2 entrances are in Jambhalinaka Market.
It’s a majestic structure and on the gateway you are welcomed by a big nandi (the bull of shivabhagwan) The main deity of shiva in the temple has a big Shivalinga which is around 5ft in diameters and also around 5ft of height. It is also believed that the shiva linga grows in height each year. It is said that when the height reaches the temple’s roof, a pralayam will happen. Apart from that, there are also 6 small temples within the main shiva shrine complex which is dedicated to lord maruti, ram, shitala devi, brahma dev, uttareshwar and kalika devi.

Mandir celebrates Mahashivratri, on GudhiPadawa (First day of Hindu New Year) there is ShobhaYatra.        It is at walkable distance of 5 min. from Thane railway station. Various Outstation going trains and Central local trains take stop at Thane.

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