Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is permanent home to about 150 species of natural aviators. It is near Panvel, Maharashtra.  In 1968, it is declared as Bird Sanctuary by State Govt. of Maharashtra. That time area covered in sanctuary was 4.45 sq. Km. and in 2003, it is increased upto 12.11 sq. km. It is also temporarily visited by 40 spices to migratory birds. The best time to visit is November to February. You can see some birds in Monsoon also. But Birds are not the only attraction in these forests . you can see various types of trees and vines. You can examine how these trees make efforts to reach out for sunlight and supports its own little plant system of orchids, ferns, bracket fungi, mashrooms, creepers etc.

It is the home for some birds like Golden orioles, Magpie Robin, Malbar Whistling Thrushes, Red vented bulbuls, paradise fly catchers,hornbills, vultures, owls etc. In winter large number of migratory birds comes here and make this place as their home. If you have pair of binoculars, bring them along for much better viewing.  This sanctuary is designed vary strategically, which attracts all kind of visitors. At the main gate of it we come across a board where it is written that you have to put your plastic belonging here and at returning time you will get back your belongings. For taking care of belongings have to pay money which is returned to you while going back. Thus sanctuary preserves nature from plastic attack.

Sanctuary offers Hariyal Nature Trail, is on 1 km. distance is the best spot of bird-sighting experience. On 6 km. distance there is Mortaka Trail, there abundand colourfull butterflies darting through air.

How to reach there?
By Car : Take Vashi Bridge to Panvel and then NH17 to Karnala. From Panvel you can take the right turn on to NH17. After Palaspe Fata and Shirdun the entrance to karnala comes up to your left down 10 kms.  Or  You can hire auto from panvel to karnala.

State : Maharashtra
Distance : 61 kms S from Mumbai
Location : Just across the thane Creek and to the right 10kms from Panvel
Journey Time : By road 1 ½ Hrs from Mumbai

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