Global Vipassana Pagoda

It is asia’s tallest stone structure & rises majestically in the sky against the blue background of the Arabian Sea. It houses the genuine bone relics of Buddha.  It is situated in Borivali one of the Mumbai’s suburban. More details about the Pagoda can be learnt from the office. Also it is recommended to visit the Pagoda if you have gone to Essel world or water kingdom. The pagoda is to serve as a monument of peace and harmony. Main purpose of Pagoda is to share information about Vipassana (the practical quintessence of the universal,)and spreading information about Gautam Buddha and his teachings.

This Pagoda is traditional Burmese design , the shape of the pagoda is similar to Golden Pagoda in Myanmar. It was built combining ancient Indian and modern technology to enable it to last for a thousand years. It contains the world’s largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars. The dome height of this Pagoda is 29 meters, while the height is 99.06 meters.

Lord Buddha’s teaching are being preached with beautiful quotes on the wall. It has a very good art gallery and a video gallery depicting the major instances from the life of Buddha. This place is very calm and is surrounded by beautiful scenic view and greenery. More than anything, you will feel the much needed peace coming here…hence it’s a must visit for all!

How to go here:

From Borivali railway station there are bus service to Gorai. A very beautiful place near Water kingdom in Gorai village & the best route to reach pagoda is by ferry from Gorai.


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