Adi Shankara Temple, Matunga

The temple dedicated to Adi Shankara Bhagavadpada who is considered by devout Hindus to be none other than Dakshinamurti or Shiva himself, has been constructed recently at considerable expenditure running into a few lakhs on the Telang Road at Matunga. It has been constructed by Shri Shankara Mattaiam at Matunga. Dakshinamurti is supposed to have come to this great land of ours to restore Hinduism, to reinstate and to re-establish the six faiths of Hinduism, namely, Ganapatyam (faith of Ganapati), Shaktam (faith of Shakti), Sauram (faith of Surya), Vaishnavam (faith of Vishnu), Shaivam (faith of Shiva) and Kaumaram (faith of Kartikeya). The temple is flanked on the right by Varasiddhi Yinayaka and on the left by Anjaneya. The temple has a majestic Rajagopuram. Looking up at the Rajagopuram could be seen five parts or steps representing the five elements of the universe or the Pancha Bhutas. The gopuram is also referred to as the Sthula Linga. There are images of Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Shankaratatvas in the gopuram. On both the sides of the gopuram are Shankanidhi and Padmanidhi. On the salai gopurams are the images of Ganapati, Vyasa and Agastya on the right and Muruga, Valli and Devasena on the left.

Ascending a few steps leading to ardhamandapa there are two elephants facing west and south-west. They are the Aryanam and Pushpadantam, two of the eight legendary elephants that guard the above directions. By their side are the images of Vayu and Varuna, the Dishadhipatis of the same.

On climbing the flight of 22 steps to reach the Mahamandapa, could be seen important episodes from the life of His Holiness painted on the walls. We also have a pictorial presentation of the extensive travels undertaken by Shri Shankara across the country and the establishment of the different Maths. The scene of Gitopadesha is depicted on the wall facing the main entrance.Nearest station Matunga.

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